CELA 13 Leadership Academy Blog

Pre-Academy Facilitator Training 

Two of our wonderful facilitators, Rada and Said, reunite at CELA 13! 

The facilitator learning groups getting down to business in preparation for 
the arrival of our participants tomorrow!  

We recruited our great friend, Samer, from MELA to be a CELA 13 participant. 
What a catch! πŸ˜‰

Post-lunch chat with speaker, Rashad and faculty member, the one
 and only Bill Starnes . 

An outside view of our great campus, here at 
The American University in Bulgaria.

A big thank you to AUBG for letting us use their BEAUTIFUL facilities! 

Big hugs from John King and two of our beautiful facilitators, 
Randi and Heather!  

The boys are back in town! Our wonderful facilitators, Elchin, John, 
Bobby, Saad, and Meade catch up before dinner!

The first of many group selfies taken by the selfie king, Saad! 

Our two interns Lyuben, from Bulgaria and Ashley, from the USA. 


CELA 13 VIP's are here! Now time to make them legends! πŸ˜‰

First day; first selfie! 

The introduction of our amazing and tireless facilitators. 

And here comes John the GREAT! 

Looks like the first lecture did't scare off Ilyas and Zebuniso!  

Saad and his new CELA 13 gang! 

Preparing for this evening's paired introduction can be stressful work :)

Our fabulous MELA team is sharp and stylish! 😎

CELA 13 certainly brings out the best emotions for Sergey!

For some, paired introductions can be enjoyable πŸ˜‰

Great group of people getting to know each other at the CELA 13 Opening Dinner! 

Agamurad and Farishta are practicing their presentation skills!

It's finally time to introduce each other at the CELA 13 Opening Dinner! 

Marina and Slava kept the crowd laughing during their paired introduction. 

Instant best friends? We think so! 

Zolo is humbled by Naqibullah's sweet words. Awwww!

Getting everyone to look fabulous in one photo can be challenging. ;) Welcome to CELA 13!

DAY 2 & 3

Linh is helping participants to explore and reflect on their personal values!

Rashad challenges participants to successfully present their companies in only one minute! 

Rashad approved Chingiz's presentation 😎 

John King questions, "what is the nature of your dream"

Rashid is onto us! Photo bomb!! πŸ’£

What do you think they're up to? πŸ™‹

Love across all networks, a.ka. LA-LA-LAND! πŸ’–

Everyone in deep thought as they create their leadership lifeline! 

Facilitators, Heather and Susan, lead by example.

And here is THE SMILE of today from Ilyas Payab, CELA 13 participant from Afghanistan! 

If only Sergey had known what Said was up to right behind him πŸ™ˆ

Good people always make the best photos! 😍

DAY 4 

Participants gather in the auditorium awaiting unknown guest speaker!☝

The unknown guest still not yet known...

The unknown known in the crowd 😎

Rashid's first attempt to stir up the group! 

Michael Kouly helping participants to "find their hummus"

Leadership can sometimes be tiring and stressful...  

...others seem to be enjoying it! 

Aliberdi is seeking inspiration...

...looks like he found it!!πŸ˜‰

"Should I stay or should I go? Either way it will be trouble"πŸ˜€

CELA 13 Cultural Night  




And we continue with Michael Kouly! 

Check out the list of actions by Azizbek and the gang! 

Persistence prevails between Samer and Chingiz

Someone doesn't look convinced...


Name tags can be useful when you're trying to hide your smile πŸ˜‰

Blocks can be another way to exercise leadership and team building! 

Good morning sunshine! 😴

Group 8 is right on task! 

Meade is always there to guide his team! 

While all teams are working hard, our facilitator are enjoying their break πŸ˜€

DAY 6 

Our facilitators are always there to give a helping hand 😊 Said is definitely enjoying it!

Nothing but beautiful smiles from Dinara! 

And silly faces from Anar and SamerπŸ˜‹
Ending the night with Michael Kouly's session on PURPOSE!  

Great night with great people! 


Good Morning from our well rested facilitators, Elchin, Susan, and Tanveer!

While some others definitely have not rested yetπŸ˜‰

Merrick and Elchin are carefully watching learning groups strategize! 

Things are getting competitive during the Blue & Red exercise! Run Randi Run! 

Bobby thinks that he's the winnerπŸ™Œ But is he really one? ;)

And the trip to Melnik begins... 



Work it, Ilyas!! πŸ™ˆ

Thank you Bobby for taking us home with some tunes!  


Let the Paper Clip game begin!!

Second game on Process Innovation rocks! 😎

Our CELAbrity Gvantsa absolutely enjoying photobombing! ;)

Let's see what our brilliant participants can construct with all of this! 

And they're off!!!

Nice try Chingiz!!

The Winners! Look at that masterpiece! 😍

 Look who it is! CELA 13 is so happy to have Merrick Furst here in Bulgaria to speak on Innovation and Entrepreneurship!